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Adopt a Pet! Find a Rescue Organization close to you

Did you know that there are thousands of rescue organizations? There are probably hundreds in your state alone. Search for the breed you are looking for below and get a listing of the organizations that service that breed. You can then narrow your search by state or city. Good luck and we hope you find that special pet!

Select the type of breed you are looking for:
Dog Breeds
AffenpinscherClumber SpanielManchester Terrier
Afghan HoundCockapooMastiff
Airedale TerrierCocker SpanielMiniature Bull Terrier
AkitaCollieMiniature Pinscher
Alaskan MalamuteCoton De Tulearmixed, other -d
American BulldogDachshundNeapolitan Mastiff
American Eskimo DogDalmatianNewfoundland
American Pit Bull TerrierDandie Dinmont TerrierNorwich Terrier
American Staffordshire TerrierDoberman PinscherNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
American Water SpanielDogue De BordeauxOld English Sheepdog
Anatolian ShepherdEnglish Cocker SpanielOtterhound
Australian Cattle Dog/blue HeelerEnglish SetterPapillon
Australian ShepherdEnglish Springer SpanielPekingese
Australian TerrierField SpanielPointer
BasenjiFila BrasileiroPomeranian
Basset HoundFinnish SpitzPoodle
Bearded CollieFlat Coated RetrieverPuli
Bedlington TerrierFox TerrierRat Terrier
Belgian MalinoisFrench BulldogRhodesian Ridgeback
Belgian SheepdogGerman PinscherRottweiler
Belgian TervurenGerman ShepherdSaint Bernard - St. Bernard
Bernese Mountain DogGerman Shorthaired PointerSamoyed
Bichon FriseGerman Wirehaired PointerSchipperke
Black And Tan CoonhoundGolden RetrieverSchnauzer, Giant
Black Russian TerrierGoldendoodleSchnauzer, Miniature
BloodhoundGordon SetterSchnauzer, Standard
Bluetick CoonhoundGreat DaneScottish Deerhound
Border CollieGreat PyreneesScottish Terrier
Border TerrierGreater Swiss Mountain DogShetland Sheepdog - Sheltie
BorzoiGreyhoundShiba Inu
Boston TerrierHavaneseShih Tzu
Bouvier Des FlandresIbizan HoundSiberian Husky
BoxerIrish SetterSiberian Husky
BriardIrish TerrierSilky Terrier
Brittany SpanielIrish Water SpanielSloughi
Brussels GriffonIrish WolfhoundSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Bull TerrierItalian GreyhoundTibetan Mastiff
BulldogJack Russell TerrierTibetan Spaniel
BullmastiffJapanese ChinTibetan Terrier
Cairn TerrierKeeshondVizsla
Canaan DogKerry Blue TerrierWeimaraner
Cane Corso MastiffKomondorWelsh Corgi
Cavalier King Charles SpanielKoratWelsh Terrier
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverKuvaszWest Highland White Terrier - Westie
ChihuahuaLabrador RetrieverWhippet
Chinese CrestedLakeland TerrierWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Chinese Shar-peiLhasa ApsoYorkshire Terrier - Yorkie
Chow ChowMaltese
Cat Breeds
AbyssinianEgyptian MauRagamuffin
American CurlHimalayanRagdoll
American ShorthairJapanese BobtailScottish Fold
American WirehairJavaneseSelkirk Rex
BalineseMaine Coon CatSiamese
Bengalmixed, otherSiberian
BirmanNorwegian Forest CatSnowshoe
British ShorthairOcicatSphynx
BurmeseOriental ShortHairTonkinese
Cornish RexPersianTurkish Van
Devon RexPixiebob
Bird Breeds
Reptile Breeds
Horse Breeds
Farm animal Breeds
Farm animal
Wild animal Breeds
Wild animal
Small animal Breeds
Small animal
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